How to Create Explainer Videos Online for YouTube: Follow These 4 Tips

How to Create Explainer Videos Online for YouTube

Wondering how to create explainer videos online and post them on YouTube? If you are planning to invest in a video please follow these 4 helpful tips!


Animated explainer videos are an excellent way to engage a potential audience and familiarize them with your brand. The most challenging part is to get the videos right. If you are planning to invest in a video this year, you have come to the right place as we are going to share some great tips you can use during the process of creation.

The videos can explain the products or services you are selling in 60 or 90 minutes and since this video is used to attract attention and convince people that you are the right brand for them, it is important to nail it the first time.



Here are a few great tips on how to create explainer videos online for YouTube that diver more sales and clearly describe your brand:


  1. The importance of the script – A professionally written script is the key to a perfect animated explainer video. We can say that it is the foundation upon which everything is created. The best way to come up with a well-written script is to pick someone random who can take a look at your brand and explain it in a way that it is understandable. Use these explanations and start writing the script.
  2. Short and simple – When creating your videos, you need to remember something, the less you say, the more likely the viewers are to remember. We know that you have a lot you want to share with your potential customers, but explainer videos are meant to be a short overview.
  3. Benefits and not features – It doesn’t matter whether you have a new web service, a new app or a product, the temptation is always the sale – you try to present as many features as you can. However, this is something that customers don’t want to hear, instead, they want to know the benefits. You need to tell them how your brand and the products or services you are selling is going to make their lives simpler.
  4. Use a professional voice – Using a poor audio can destroy your explainer video. You need to make sure the voice is appropriate and it is the perfect voice to deliver your corporate message. Investing in a professional voice is a must.

We hope these few tips will point you in the right direction.


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