6 Great Tips for Making Top-Notch Explainer Videos using An iPhone

Some years back, creating a high-quality video was a pursuit left for giant corporations that could afford the equipment and skilled personnel. Fast forward to today, and virtually everyone can record a high-quality video and make money off it, thanks to the innovation of Smartphones. In fact, many businesses are saving a lot of money creating top-notch explainer videos for their products and services on iPhones. The question is; how do you make top-notch explainer videos on iPhone? This column outlines the top tips for making explainer videos on your iPhone:

Desist from using the iPhone camera app if you want to make the best explainer videos

While the Apple camera app is a great software to create scintillating videos, it’s not adapted to recording the highest quality that the iPhone is capable of. Instead, make use of a premium video recording app such as Filmic Pro, which is available in the Apple store. One striking feature about Filmic Pro is that it offers you the option to choose a higher Video Bitrate (50.0 Mbit/Sec), which allows you to make a high-quality explainer video. Filmic Pro also gives you the options of making videos using a huge variety of frame rates, including having complete control over exposure, focus, and other vital aspects that can make a video pop.

Get to grips with your iPhone lighting to make high-quality explainer videos

It’s perfectly true that the iPhone camera has undergone a lot of improvements over the years. However, capturing pictures in low or poor lighting remains a challenge. This problem applies to all other Smartphone brands. Well, if you’re making videos outside, during the daytime, it’s perfectly okay. But if you’re making videos in the house, where lighting is poor, make arrangements to install good quality lighting to prevent your explainer videos from looking grainy and poor quality.

To make the best explainer videos, make a point to adjust the white balance before recording

The camera app always does this automatically, but because you’re not using a camera app, set the white balance manually. It’s the best option since it ensures that your explainer videos achieve the best colors, and makes everything appear natural. The Filmic Pro app comes with guidelines on the same.

It’s ideal to utilize the grid to make the best explainer videos

Knowing how to frame your video correctly is a critical step to making great explainer videos. Elite video makers use the rule of thirds to achieve this. The rule of thirds helps you deduce the framing of an object, a subject or background. Implementing these principles will allow you to get the right horizontal and vertical balance when making your videos.

Make sure your explainer videos aren’t shaky

Shaky video is indicative of an amateur work. Shaky video is as a result of holding the iPhone with your hands when making the video. To alleviate this, invest in a good stand and mount your iPhone on it to make videos. There are many great Smartphone video stands today. You can order online through e-commerce platforms like Amazon or eBay or check them out in your local retail outlets.

Never rely on your iPhone battery if you hope to take long explainer videos

Even a fully-charged iPhone battery is not capable of handling a long video recording. And if you’re using premium camera app such as Filmic Pro, the iPhone battery will drain out quickly because the app uses more memory and processing power. The way around this is to plug the iPhone into a power source or use a battery pack.


Other tips you can implement include setting the iPhone on airplane mode (to mitigate unwanted destructions and interruptions and to prevent the battery draining out quickly), shooting videos horizontally (landscape mode) and using the best audio to record your explainer videos. Use these tips and see more conversions with your explainer videos.